European Commission - 7th Framework Programme European Museums and Libraries in/of the age of migrations Saturday 26 July 2014

Research Field 03 - Network of Museums, Libraries and Public Cultural Institutions

Research Field Focus

Research Field 03 is devoted to investigating, identifying and proposing innovative coordination strategies between European museums, libraries & other public cultural institutions around the themes of European cultural and scientific heritage, migration and integration, and ICT.

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From the blog

  • GRAMNET Workshop on ‘Migration and Intimate Life’ (University of Glasgow, 18 June 2014) - 12 June 2014

    The Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Research Network (GRAMNET) is pleased to announce its first interdisciplinary one-day workshop (full program and abstracts). The workshop will explore the formation and transformation of intimacy, family and social networks in the context of transnational migration, and will take place at the University of Glasgow on 18 June 2014. Attendance is open to academic and non-academic researchers, as well as practitioners and volunteers from the voluntary and public sectors. The initiative is funded by the University of Glasgow’s New Initiatives Fund and Robertson Bequest. The workshop is organised by Dr Francesca Stella and Dr Marta Moskal.

    Confirmed speakers include: Professor Tracey Reynolds (London South Bank University), Dr Naomi Tyrell (University of Plymouth), Dr Caleb Johnston (University of Edinburgh), Professor Alison Phipps (GRAMNet, University of Glasgow). MeLa WP3 Leader Dr Perla Innocenti will present ‘Migrating heritage: how cultural institutions are showcasing the intimate lives [...] Read more

  • IFLA Satellite Meeting ‘Theory and Research on the Convergence of Professional Identity in Cultural Heritage Institutions (Libraries, Museums, and Archives) Beyond Technology’ - 19 May 2014

    The Satellite Meeting organized by IFLA’s Library Theory and Research (LTR) Section on

    “Theory and research on the convergence of professional identity in cultural heritage institutions (Libraries, Museums, and Archives) beyond technology”

    will be held August 13th and 14th in Turin, Italy before the annual IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Lyon. The Meeting is organized with support of ALISE, EUCLID, Città di Torino, Biblioteche civiche Torino. The registration is open until July 10, 2014. Program and registration are available from: .

    Focus and General Themes

    One implication of the digitalization of information resources for cultural heritage organizations and memory institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums (LAM) is an increase in the confluence of skills needed by professionals in all three institutions. More and more of the work of these professionals are overlapping in their use of digital applications to provide better services.

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