European Commission - 7th Framework Programme European Museums and Libraries in/of the age of migrations Sunday 24 May 2015

Research Field 03 - Network of Museums, Libraries and Public Cultural Institutions

Research Field Focus

Research Field 03 is devoted to investigating, identifying and proposing innovative coordination strategies between European museums, libraries & other public cultural institutions around the themes of European cultural and scientific heritage, migration and integration, and ICT.

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From the blog

  • MeLa RF03 book: ‘Cultural Networks in Migrating Heritage Intersecting Theories and Practices across Europe’ - 10 March 2015

    MeLa Research Field 03 is delighted to announce the publication of ‘Cultural Networks in Migrating Heritage. Intersecting Theories and Practices across Europe’, written by Perla Innocenti and published by Ashgate. This book is a study of the role of cultural and heritage networks and how they can help institutions and their host societies manage the tensions and realise the opportunities arising from migration. In looking at past and emerging challenges of social inclusion and cultural dialogue, hybrid models of cultural identity, citizenship and national belonging, the study also sets out to answer the questions ‘how’. How can cultural institutions leverage the power of cross-border networks in a contested place such as Europe today? How could they elaborate approaches and strategies based on cultural practices? How can the actions of the European Commission and relevant cultural bodies be strengthened, adapted or extended to meet these goals?Cultural Networks in Migrating Heritage [...] Read more
  • Fully-funded PhD on ‘Innovative methods and tools for sustainable curation, access and reuse of Digital Heritage’ - 26 February 2015

    Applications are welcomed for a fully-funded PhD position in Cultural Heritage and Information Science at Northumbria University, UK – closing date 31st March 2015.

    This interdisciplinary PhD project will explore innovative ways to digitally provide curation, access and reuse Europe’s cultural heritage resources within the context of cultural dialogue, tourism and cultural industries. The aim of the project is to evaluate methodologies and approaches leading to richer interpretations of European heritage and cultural identity in the digital arena, and to bring new perspectives to the creation of applications and services for digital cultural assets.

    At present millions of digital heritage resources are increasingly being made available online (for example through the Europeana portal), with a variety of content types, quality and rights. But so far a number of issues associated with digital cultural heritage information systems and services are yet to be adequately addressed, for example in [...] Read more